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Services Avaliable

Math Academic assessments K-5

This is an informal assessment that will cover the math TEKS of the child's current grade level and scaffold down to determine the current functional level. Modifications and accommodations may be used during the assessment to determine the students academic ability when provided the specific supports.

A detailed report will be written providing information on:
  • Where the student is currently functioning in relation to the grade level TEKS 
  • Accommodations that may have been used to help the student perform
  • Strategies/Recommendations for improving specific deficit areas
  • A copy of the current grade level TEKS objectives scaffolding down to the student's current functional level. 
One 45 minute session with the parent will also be provided to discuss the report and any concerns in detail.

Why would I want an informal assessment of my child's abilities?
As an educator I can give my students a 4th grade level assessment in problem solving and they can make a 90%. As their teacher or their parent I'm pleased with this grade since it tells me that they understand the concept that was taught. On the other side of the spectrum I may have a student that scores a 20%. This 20% does not tell me where they are currently functioning.... It only tells me what they can not do in regards to that particular assessment. If my daughter's teacher sends a report home stating that my child can't subtract with regrouping and she's in the 5th grade I know my child is behind; however, this does not tell me how far behind. She could be struggling with the process of regrouping (no problem subtracting without regrouping) or she may be having difficulty with subtracting itself. My goal is to find where the present level is so we can work up from there. Ex. If I do not have one to one correspondence when counting objects, I will not be able to add three digit numbers together or solve simple word problems with manipulatives. 

* This is not an IQ assessment nor is it a grade level placement test. This is an informal assessment to determine a students present level of functioning in relation to his or her grade level expectations. It is not designed to measure or determine grades, IEP progress, or to identify any specific disabilities. It is strictly designed to determine where a student is functioning at the time the assessment was given on specific math skills and provide the parent with teaching strategies and ideas of how to increase the students current functional level in the deficit areas. This assessment will not consist strictly of paper and pencil. It will begin with measuring grade level concepts and move up or down according to the student's ability. Students with high anxiety levels or low attention levels may require more than one setting to complete the assessment. 

Contact for More Details

For more information please send me your name and phone number. Your number will not be released or sold to anyone as confidentiality is a top priority. Currently assessment and tutoring services are only available within 25 miles of 75089.

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Services are currently only available within 25 miles of 75089 area code.

Tutoring sessions 
Available upon request after assessment. Targeted areas for tutorials will be determined collaboratively by the tutor (a certified teacher) and the parent based on the specific data from the report.

*** Limited Sessions Available - If all sessions are full you may request to be placed on a waiting list

Reading Assessments K-5 will be available soon! 

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