Teacher's Guide to a Successful Classroom
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Choice Board Creator        

Can program questions and three-six answer choices. Answer choices can be words, numbers, or pictures. Can program child specific auditory rewards for correct answer choices. This app doesn't have high ratings on the apple site; however, I find that it works well for our students on an alternative curriculum. 

Reading –
  • Vocabulary/definition

  • Cloze sentences

  • Fact/opinion

  • Cause/Effect

Math –

  • Facts

  • Word problems with answer choices

  • Shape

Science/Social Studies –

  • Vocabulary/definitions

  • Vocabulary/picture representations

  • Facts

  • Sequence/ Which event is first

Haiku Deck   
Select pictures from the Haiku Deck files or upload your own to create stories or presentations.


  • Practice writing short descriptive sentences
  • Create presentations/book reports

Social Studies/Science –

  • Write descriptive sentence describing the pictures ex. Historical buildings, people, life cycles, weather cycles….

Whiteboard with voice recorder. Great app for students to explain how they arrive at an answer.

  • Student writes a vocabulary word and uses it in a sentence
  • Student writes spelling words and records the spelling orally
  • Student draws a picture and records a short story describing it.
Math -
A graphic organizer - I LOVE this app!!!

  • Character analysis
  • Connecting words to definitions
  • Sorting words with word families
  • Matching activities like problem and solution or cause and effect
Writing - 
  • Form ideas on the graphic organizer
Math -
  • Fact Families
  • Decompose numbers
Science/Social Studies
  • Sequence Pictures/words/events
  • Life cycles
  • Matching
Sock Puppets
Create a puppet show using various characters and settings. Great for buildig communicatin skills, teaching dialog, and speaking in complete sentences.


  • One character gives the vocabulary word and second character uses it in a sentence or gives the definition
  • Character summarizes a book or story
  • One character gives a math problem and second character solves it
  • Characters explain how they arrived at an answer
Oral Language/Expression
  • Build conversations kills using complete sentences in dialog
Social Skills
  • Create social stories
  • Conflict/resolution
3rd Grade Social Studies (other grade levels available)
Reading comprehension passages on Social Studies topics. Provides passages and multiple choice questions.

Splash Math
Reviews math skills. Students and teachers love these apps. Apps available for various grade levels. 

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